Understanding the Tea party Movement How Gay Rights and Racism Overweighed Tux-cut Politics of Tea Party

  • Salome Gogberashvili International Black Sea University
Keywords: The Tea Party Movement, The Republican Party, racism, same-sex marriage


The Tea Party Movement emerged as an important player on the American political and social stage in the end of the firstdecade of the 21st century. Although a new movement, it gained on the one hand a political, social and media attention and on theother hand, financial as well as political support of the current and former Republican leaders. The Tea Party Movement started asan “angered” response to the economic stimulus package and stood for fair taxes, healthcare and a smaller government. However,in this paper I will argue that in the recent period its concentration on its founding principles such as lower taxes and smaller government.For example “general or economic liberty” was overshadowed by too much attention on racism and gay rights that couldbe put under “individual liberty”, thus contradicting with the main principles and ideology of most of the American people, that offreedom and equality. At the same time this paper will suggests that the Tea Party will likely expire if it does not change its strictattitude towards the above mentioned ideology and politics and will remain only as a movement which lasted for a little amount oftime in the American history.

Author Biography

Salome Gogberashvili, International Black Sea University
Ph.D. Student