Cyber Discourse of Georgian Young Adults


  • Ekaterine Bakaradze



Computer Mediated Discourse (CMD), shortenings, netizens (network citizens), Internet Society, cyber communication


The paper deals with the issue of Computer Mediated Discourse (CMD) by Georgian students and generally examines the worldwideaccepted computer ‘cyberspeak’, as the most productive sphere of new words production among teenagers and young adults in the viewpointof quick discourse, economy of time, space, energy and money. Using the abbreviated words in the World Wide Web is consideredas the most efficient way of communication, exchanging information throughout the world.The research presents practices of CMD texts in Georgian environment which includes types of shortening as abbreviations, acronyms,clippings, blends. Georgian netizens, their social status, awareness of universally accepted shortening and way of communication throughsocial network is also analyzed.

Author Biography

Ekaterine Bakaradze

Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities,

Quality Assurance Manager, Faculty of Social Sciences


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Bakaradze, E. (2013). Cyber Discourse of Georgian Young Adults. Journal in Humanities, 1(2), 43–50.