The U.S. and Feminization of Migration


  • Tamar Shioshvili International Black Sea University



feminization, subsistence, labor, unqualified


The socio-economic crisis in Georgia that arose in the 1990s became the major factor leading labor migrants to the United States inresearch of work and subsistence in the United States. If until 1990 labor migration of woman from Georgia was socially unacceptable,as a consequence of increasing poverty after 1990 a significant segment of women decided to find the way out of hardship in the form ofemployment in the U.S.As feminization of migration is regarded as a new progressive emancipation phase in the development of labor migration in the west, forthe Republic of Georgia it remains a culturally and socially vulnerable issue, that is hard to get used to.

Author Biography

Tamar Shioshvili, International Black Sea University

Dean of the Humanities Faculty


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