American Women Entrepreneurs: Achievements and Perspectives

  • Irina Bakhtadze International Black Sea University


Struggle for women’s economic independence is an issue of primary importance for the rapid progress of the American nation in the 21st century. Gender equality, as a precondition and a result, is an indispensable part of world economic progress. Wider access to information and trade offered by globalization has connected women to markets and institutions and reduced to some extent gender disparities. Freedom of women depends on economic conditions even more than on political. Women economic empowerment is an important requirement for the advancement not only of the women but of the country as well. A significant progress in women entrepreneurship has been taking place in the U.S. since 2000. It is apparent that considerable increase of women -owned businesses has affected almost every sphere of American economy. Lack of adequate education opportunities to women entrepreneurship has been the main obstacle to women’s access to business; though, a significant progress has been identified in this direction for the recent period. Increasing access to education, sharing of knowledge and learning skills play the most important role in promoting women’s economic opportunities and provide wider access of females to finances and markets. It also helps women to become self-confident and motivated to take more courageous steps in the world of business. The support of the government and society directed towards women’s greater access to economic opportunities has brought positive changes and provided strong incentives for women’s business activities. The number of firms owned by women has increased sharply; also the size and quality of the enterprises have been modified. Besides a knowledge-enhancing strategy, joint efforts have been taken towards creating various associations, organizations, and community centers to support women initiatives. Such organizations are exceptional resources for women entrepreneurs. The article discusses the roles and functions of several women associations and organizations to demonstrate the importance of assistance they provide to business women to overcome the political, legal and economic barriers they face. Those associations and organizations are instrumental in addressing the following issues: women’s education and professional training, access to capital, legal support and counseling, financial assistance, technology and education, energy resources and environment, impact of public policy, and other.

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Irina Bakhtadze, International Black Sea University
associate professor of Faculty of Humanities
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