Semantic Triangle and Linguistic Sign

  • Givi Amaglobeli International Black Sea University


In this given work the Semantic Triangle will be examined. This is the most important point of Semantics in general. We will discuss a modern concept of the Semantic triangle with its three basic components .They are: the Object (Referent), the Meaning, and the (Linguistic) Sign. Together with the Semantic Triangle we will discuss the ancient Stoic linguistic concept which also consists of the same three components and is very much like a modern concept of the Semantic Triangle (or the contrary). We will also explain the concept of arbitrariness of a linguistic sign within the context of signifier-signified correlation.

Author Biography

Givi Amaglobeli, International Black Sea University
Doctoral Candidate at Faculty of Business Management
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Amaglobeli, G. (2012). Semantic Triangle and Linguistic Sign. Journal in Humanities, 1(1), 37-40.