Translations of A. S. Pushkin’s Works into Turkish from “The Queen ofSpades” to the “Secret Dairy”

  • Ilyas Ustunyer International Black Sea University


The most important point between Turkish and Russian Cultural relations is the literary relations. And generally, intercultural circulation of literature is actualized through interpretations. The date of literary interpretations which were translated from Russian Literature to Turkish Literature goes back to the end of 19th century. The most remarkable works among those interpretations are A. S. Pushkin`s. Forasmuch, the genres of the interpretations which were translated from his works offer parallelism to the processes of Turkish Literature that it passed through. In this article, the works of A.S. Pushkin were being translated into Turkish throughout the 20th century, interpreters, and publishing houses are going to be studied through prism of the social platforms that Turkey passed through.

Author Biography

Ilyas Ustunyer, International Black Sea University
Aassociate professor in Turkish Language and Literature of Faculty of Humanities