Slovenly Language and Freedom of Speech at US Colleges

  • Ekaterine Bakaradze International Black Sea University


The present article analyses communicative features of US students, their usage of slovenly language and blend words. The data for the research was obtained at American University, Washington College of Law (AU WCL) students, Washington D.C., USA. The aim of the research was also to discuss the process of creating new words and their usage in a specific situation and by specific community members. The paper studies historic, legal and educational background of using slovenly language by students and how the concept of ‘Freedom of Speech’ has changed over the century. The case study revealed unique picture of student life as it’s really lived today. It describes students’ contribution in the research with their findings, adding DC specific slang in educational, legal and criminal context. From the research findings it can be concluded that despite judicial intervention slovenly language is used without limit by everyone and has thus gone global. Even a court intervention won’t stop the teen spirit from saying something ‘illegal’ or unacceptable. In the process of the permanent change of the language many such units lose their original meaning and function but nevertheless, such coinages are very popular among different users of the language.

Author Biography

Ekaterine Bakaradze, International Black Sea University
Associate professor and Quality Assurance Manager of the Faculty of Social Sciences
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Bakaradze, E. (2012). Slovenly Language and Freedom of Speech at US Colleges. Journal in Humanities, 1(1), 17-21.